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Unfortunately, the time has come for me to shut down the site!

The reason for this is perfectly explained in the below image, a graph of usage over time. There has been a clear downward trend for some time due to the fact that the map is now over 1 year old!

I estimate these figures would be higher, but due the massively unprecedented popularity of the site in it's first few days, our servers couldn't cope and players found long-term alternatives during the downtime we experienced for 4 days.

Then with the release of new map packs and games in the series (with the exception of Inifinity War, obviously) we kept taking massive hits to the amount of visitors.

We're now only getting between 100 - 200 users per day, and although the upkeep of the site isn't a great cost, it seems unviable to keep it going. I did consider adding in adverts (and given the stats would've made a fair bit of money!) but I wanted it to be a simple experience that could be easily used whilst in gameplay.

Thus, it is with slight regret that I will be shutting the site down at some point around January 1st 2018.

Thanks for all your support and I hope it helped you conquer the Easter Egg!